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Publisher's description

N1MM Logger is a contest logging application. For CW, phone and digital modes, its combination of contest-optimized features is unmatched.

Main Features:

- SO2R/SO2V support
- Telnet and packet support - spots from both automatically update the bandmaps.
- Winkeyer support
- Automatic beam heading and sunrise/sunset calculations.
- Contact recording to wav files. Right-click on log entry to play back.
- Record level indicator for recording QSOs.
- Spot all S&P calls locally (QSYing wipes the call and spots QSO in bandmap).
- Uses sound card for DVK but also DVK interface for W9XT and other DVK interfaces.
- Automatic CW generation (LPT and via USB to serial converter).
- Rotator control (Using N1MM Rotor, LP-Rotor or ARSWIN).
- Grayline program
- Two VFO support when using one radio, with one VFO per Bandmap.

What's new in version 13.0

- Bug: The initial operator callsign is not populated from the Station Callsign correctly. (N4ZR)(coded by K3CT)
- Copy Contest to Another Database: Added a file check for the target database. (coded by K3CT)
- RunTime Error: Eliminated a multiuser runtime error. (coded by K3CT)
- Icom Radio: For some Icom radios, change to how often the digital mode and AF gain settings are polled. For these Icom radios, this will cause the Bandmap to update twice as fast when the radio VFO is turned. (coded by K3CT)
- CQ SA SSB Contest: Eliminate the conflict with User QSO Note. Changed to use the MiscText database field instead of Comment field. (coded by K3CT)
- Don't RaiseGMTTimer event for each entry window. (Internal change, no visible effect) (K3CT)
- Fix crash when null entries in Networked Computer table (W2BSN) (coded by N2IC, thanks to K3CT)
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